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Time Management Tip 1 Comprehensive Calendar

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Time Management Be -Proactive

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Time Management Academic Support Resources

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Having a Routine

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Time Management Condensed Courses

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Time Management Discussion Prompts

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Time Management Course Discussions

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Time Management Jot Down Your Ideas

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Time Management Organize Schedule

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"Preparing Your Online Course" Webinar

This presentation will be providing a refresher on methods to personalize what you want/need to teach: communication strategies/tools, aesthetic of course, content planning/mapping, accessibility,…

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"Communication and Feedback Methods" VSG Webinar Part 3 of 3

Students learning at a distance rely on consistent feedback and clear communication with the instructor to ensure that they are progressing and meeting the course’s expectations and outcomes.…

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Invisible and Visible Disabilities Training_Rockefeller Institute of Government

"Supporting Students with Visible and Invisible Disabilities"The SUNY Empire State College Office of Accessibility Resources and Services will present a workshop on supporting college…

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TOEP Webinar Productivity Tools 3/1/2017

The EdTech Webinar series is proud to present our TOEP webinar entitled “Productivity Tools”. This webinar is Wednesday, March 1st, from 12 PM to 1 PM. The Tools of Engagement…

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Tanya Scime Interview

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Beth Coco Interview

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Kristen Delaney Interview

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