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Careers In Human Resources 2021

Whether you are exploring opportunities in human resources or working in the field and looking to advance in the field, this is the presentation for you! Join our panel of human resource…

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SUNY Empire - 2020 Winter Commencement - School of Nursing & Allied Health

SUNY Empire - 2020 Winter Commencement - School of Nursing & Allied Health

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Time Management Tip 1 Comprehensive Calendar

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Time Management Be -Proactive

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Time Management Academic Support Resources

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Having a Routine

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Reason and Respect Initiative Kick Off Oct. 27, 2020

Recording of the Town Hall Meeting introducing the "Reason and Respect" initiative promoting civic engagement and civil discourse at SUNY Empire State College. Speakers include Beth Berlin,…

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Center for Autism Inclusivity Question and Answer Session, Oct. 26, 2020

Recording of the live stream from the SUNY Empire State College/Anderson Center for Autism "Center for Autism Inclusivity" Question and Answer session held on October 26, 2020. Speakers…

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Time Management Condensed Courses

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Careers in Business

The Careers In Business virtual panel was held on Tuesday, October 13 from 6 – 7 p.m. Experts in their field shared their advice pertaining to key skills needed, experiences and tips for those…

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Time Management Discussion Prompts

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Time Management Course Discussions

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Four Hour Photoshop Crash Course

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Time Management Jot Down Your Ideas

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Time Management Organize Schedule

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9-29-20 VSG Refresher Webinar by EET

Following the kick-off panel meeting co-hosted by CMLAI and the EdTechs, the Educational Technologists are offering additional sessions to review effective practices when teaching in the Virtual…

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