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T4 Content Types INTRO -- intro to content edits and options

intro to a basic content type (form for entering content), and other options within content types

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T4 adding a link to the site menu for a page that isn't part of your site

Creating a "Link Section" to be part of your site navigation menu. This is when you want to add a link to a page that isn't a section within that site.

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T4 Show in Navigation

Building the site menu with toggle option in the section General tab. Click on the section from the T4 Site Structure (the main view in T4) to get to the General tab. Preview the site to see what…

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T4 Overview of the Site Structure - Previewing, more ...

T4 Overview of the Site Structure How to find the sites you have access to. IMPORTANT: when previewing make sure your browser allows pop-ups

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t4 login use

If you don't see the ESC branded login screen, enter the short URL into your browser directly:

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T4 deleting CONTENT items and the Go-live schedule intro

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T4 quick overview of Site Structure, sub-site navigation, preview, and how to delete a section

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