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8/25/21 - Leading Live Classes in MS Teams

Join an EdTech to learn tips and tools within MS Teams when leading your Virtual Study Group. This session will cover features to engage students (eg. hand raising, screen sharing, breakout…

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Using Moodle and MS Teams to Teach at a Distance –July 15th @ 11 am

Using Moodle and MS Teams to Teach at a Distance –July 15th @ 11 am What are the core skills necessary to teach at a distance using Moodle and MS Teams? Come freshen up your…

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Face-to-face Meetings in MS Teams webinar - 06/23/2020

This webinar will be looking at all the essentials and new options available to organize, inform, and engage your participants when conducting meetings. The presentation will include a walkthrough…

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Teaching in the Summer - Part 2

Webinar from 5/14/2020 on teaching remotelyNow that you have officially started the term with your students, we'll be reviewing a few more tricks and tips on successfully teaching online. We…

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Preparing to Teach Online for the Summer 5/7/2020 webinar

The summer terms will be starting on May 11th! This webinar will be providing a refresher on how to request and personalize what you want/need to teach within Moodle. We'll be reviewing some…

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Transitioning to Teaching Online with Barbara Pollock

Today's episode features a conversation with Rochester-based faculty member, Barbara Pollock on her experience using MoodleRooms for teaching and learning. Even though Barbara taught face to…

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Introduction to VoiceThread

What is VoiceThread? What can it add to your class or study group?

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Miriam Russell, What advice would you offer about ensuring student engagement and success? (v2)

This is an interview with Miriam Russell about teaching online.

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