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Silktide Training Series – Session 2 - 06/12/2024

Silktide is the university’s web content analysis tool, providing reports on the quality of content and the site’s overall accessibility to all T4 site stewards and maintainers. …

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University Council Meeting - June 7, 2024

University Council Meeting - June 7, 2024

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Designing Assessments with AI in Mind

Generative AI offers exciting possibilities as well as complex risks in the assessment of student learning. In this presentation, we'll discuss: AI class policies, examples of assignments that…

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Sharing Our Online Course Experience in Brightspace

Three students will serve on a student panel to share their accessibility experiences with participating in one of their Brightspace online courses at the university. This session will be led by a…

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Magic School AI

In this presentation, we will take a look at Magic School AI - generative AI platform for educators. This platform includes more than 60 various AI tools that can help with such tasks as designing…

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Mental Health Support in an Online Environment

As part of Empower Reads, we will review strategies and approaches to supporting the mental health of online students.

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Library Support for Affordable Textbook Options

Textbook costs have been rising faster than inflation since the 70s, and at this point, paying for textbooks is a barrier to higher education for many students. Many simply choose to do without their…

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How Librarians Can Help With Assessment Design

Whenever you assign a research project, you can work with a librarian to guide students towards appropriate search tools and techniques, tools and tutorials for citing their sources properly, and…

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Gearing Up Students to Achieve Academic Success

For anyone teaching in the college setting, the ultimate objective is to guide students to academic success. However, providing effective academic support can be challenging. The GEARS method is an…

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Digital Accessibility What We Offer and How to Get Help

In this session, we will introduce ourselves and share resources and training available through Empire Online's Digital Accessibility team, including role-based training from Deque University,…

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Designing for Neurodivergent in Online Learning

Instructional Designers at Empire Online will discuss barriers for neurodivergent learners in online learning environments. We will present clever design solutions for online courses in a way that…

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Ask5: Accounting Pathways: Career Insights and Industry Challenges with Ann DeLucco, BST & Co. CPAs, LLP

Join “Accounting Pathways: Career Insights and Industry Challenges,” an insightful conversation where we will interview Ann DeLucco, Partner in BST & Co. CPAs, LLP. This session…

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Ask5, Pathways to Justice, a Conversation about SUNY Empire’s Bachelor in Criminal Justice with Brian Frederick

Pathways to Justice offers an in-depth discussion about SUNY Empire's Bachelor's in Criminal Justice program, focusing on preparing students for successful careers in the field. Through a…

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Persuasive Speech Exemplar - 'Nap Time'

Video provided for captions.

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Ask5: SUNY Empire's Educational Leadership and Change Education Doctoral Degree with Lisa Unangast, Ph.D.

Join our next segment of Ask5: Educational Leadership and Change, Empire State University's Doctor of Education program. In this engaging discussion, I'll be interviewing Dr. Lisa Unangst,…

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Ask5: Leading the Digital Empire with Christine Paige

Leading the Digital Empire with Christine Paige, Executive Director of Empire OnlineGain valuable perspectives on navigating the challenges and opportunities of the online realm, from leveraging…

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