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Using Open Educational Resources to Enhance Online Learning

This session will look at how Open Educational Resources and video repositories online can be used to reduce the barriers of cost and access for students. We will be looking at tools like MERLOT,…

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Teaching with Open Educational Resources with Susan Oaks

Today's episode features a conversation with Saratoga Springs-based faculty member, Susan Oaks on her experience using Open Educational Resources as learning aids for students. She shares her…

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OER Bootcamp Video 1-4 - OERs and How To Adopt Or Adapt

Adopting and adapting Open Educational Resources

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OER Bootcamp Video 1-3 - OERs and How To Evaluate Them

How to evaluate OERs once you've found them.

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OER Bootcamp Video 1-2 - OERs and How To Find Them

Finding OERs.

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OER Bootcamp Video 1-1 - OERs and Knowing What You're Looking For

What are OERs?

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OER Bootcamp 0 - What OERs Are And Why They're Important

A first introduction to OERs.

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OER Bootcamp 3-4 - OERs and Accessibility

Making sure OERs are Accessible to people with all sorts of disabilities.

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OER Bootcamp 3-3 - OERs and Usability

Designing OERs for optimal web usability.

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OER Bootcamp 3-2 - the Importance of Open Format Source Files

Making sure the source file of your OER is in an Open Format, and why that is important.

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OER Bootcamp 3-1 - the Importance of Self-Archiving (Store/Share a copy!)

The importance of self-archiving OERs and how to do it.

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OER Bootcamp 2-5 - How To Remix Found Content

How to (technically and legally) create your own OERs with the inclusion of OERs that were created by other people.

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OER Bootcamp 2-4 - Licensing in the Creative Commons

How to put your work under certain kinds of Creative Commons license so that it is Open.

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OER Bootcamp 2-3 - Using Copyrighed Content in an OER (how? very carefully!)

How to legally use copyrighted content within an OER that you're creating.

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OER Bootcamp 2-2 - How the Creative Commons Works

How does the Creative Commons work? How can something be both somebody's intellectual property, and Open?

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OER Bootcamp 2-1 - Copyright Issues Pertaining to OERs

A brief explanation of how the parts of copyright that pertain to OERs work.

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