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Silktide Training Series – Session 1 - 06/05/2024

Silktide is the university’s web content analysis tool, providing reports on the quality of content and the site’s overall accessibility to all T4 site stewards and maintainers. This…

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Magic School AI

In this presentation, we will take a look at Magic School AI - generative AI platform for educators. This platform includes more than 60 various AI tools that can help with such tasks as designing…

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Library Support for Affordable Textbook Options

Textbook costs have been rising faster than inflation since the 70s, and at this point, paying for textbooks is a barrier to higher education for many students. Many simply choose to do without their…

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Ask5, Pathways to Justice, a Conversation about SUNY Empire’s Bachelor in Criminal Justice with Brian Frederick

Pathways to Justice offers an in-depth discussion about SUNY Empire's Bachelor's in Criminal Justice program, focusing on preparing students for successful careers in the field. Through a…

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Ask5: SUNY Empire's Master in Public Administration with Dr. Ed Warzala

Join Dr. Ed Warzala of SUNY Empire to hear about the new Master of Public Administration (MPA). This program is designed for civil servants and others who aspire to career advancement in…

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Knowing Your Audience Audience Analysis for Public Speaking

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Your Culture Is Not Better Than Mine Angela Zhou TEDxUSC

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Leadership, One Woman’s Journey: A Special Community Conversation for International Women’s Day

The Center for International and Extended Education and the Office for Advancement are proud to present a special Community Conversation on “Leadership: A Woman’s Journey with Valbona…

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Ask5 with Erica Chew

Have You Heard? A Highlight of Empire State University’s Graduate Programswith guest Erica Chew, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Outreach and AdmissionsMarch 1, 12 p.m.Link: Click here to join the…

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Leading change in the health services industry

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The Mind-Controlled Bionic Arm With a Sense of Touch

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Phase III - Maintaining, Sustaining and Integrating

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Phase II - Launching the Process of Curriculum Change

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Community Conversation: Supporting Literacy and Language Learners

This presentation will define literacy and provide an overview of some of the current tensions around literacy learning in New York state. The discussion will provide research-based recommendations…

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Archna Eniasivam, MD, Health Literacy

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