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Defining AI What it is Where we use it and How its impacting higher education-20230608

Presenter: Heather BennettThe session will provide an overview of artificial intelligence (AI): what it is, where we're using it in every day life, and how it's showing up in higher…

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Provost Candidate Presentation to College Community 12-14-2022

Dr. Abbey L. Zink

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Changing Up (or Creating) Your General Education Course - Natural Sciences-20220509_100749-Meeting Recording

Changing Up (or Creating) Your General Education Course - Natural Sciences

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AC CC2 New SUNY General Education Curriculum

AC CC2 New SUNY General Education Curriculum

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New General Education Guidelines Drop-in Session-20220309_150154-Meeting Recording

Frank VanderValk and Sandy Winn will be available to answer questions regarding the new SUNY general education guidelines and updating our curriculum.

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12 iPLA Questions for Evaluators - And Answers

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Fall Academic Conference 2021 - Day 2 - The Academic Action Plan #2

OAA will report out on the academic action plan, which responds to the educational planning working groups reports. The second session will cover Educational Planning and PLA. A copy of the OAA…

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EDPL Module 8

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EDPL Module 7

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EDPL Module 6

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EDPL Module 5

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EDPL Module 4

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EDPL Module 3

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EDPL Module 2

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EDPL 2005 Module 1

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EDPL 2005 Marie Pennucci Intro

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