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Drawing a Cylinder (Bottle)

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Creative Expressions - Images from Surfaces to Structures - August 27, 2020

The SUNY Empire community has a rich and varied artist community. Join us each week to meet our faculty, staff, student, and alumni artists to learn a little about their creative expressions,…

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Biodredge Procedure (Module 5)

Biodredge Procedure (Module 5)

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Peterson Mud Grab (Module 3)

Peterson Mud Grab (Module 3)

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Dissolved Oxygen and Salinity (Module 2)

Dissolved Oxygen and Salinity (Module 2)

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Creative Expressions - Fiber Arts - April 23, 2020

The videos for this virtual art presentation series are initially captioned automatically. It takes about 1 week from upload to have the automated captions edited for accuracy. If you have questions…

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Module 4 - Subtractive Sculpture

Introduction to subtractive sculpture for Sculpture: Introductory course, Module 4

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