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Community Conversation: LGBTIQ+ Missing Young People

In recognition of WorldPRIDE month, Brian Frederick, Ph.D., an assistant professor of criminal justice, will present “LGBTQI+ Missing Young People.” The presentation addresses the…

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Ask5 Building Futures with Mitch McCormick, '21

Interested in making a positive impact in your community? Join us for "Ask5 Building Futures: A Conversation in Community Development," an opportunity to engage with a leading expert in…

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Ask5: Finding Your Opportunity with People Inc.’s Ashley Barbosa

Join us for an engaging Ask5: Finding Your Opportunity with People Inc.’s Ashley Barbosa. We'll discuss Ashley’s inspiring career journey, exploring key milestones and challenges…

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Policy Pathways: Career Insights from a Policy Advocate with Sara Manns, '23

Join us for "Policy Pathways: Career Insights from a Policy Advocate with Sara Manns," an illuminating conversation designed for anyone interested in a career in public policy. Sara Manns,…

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Ask5: Insights in Organizational Psychology with Corinthia Crawford

Join us for the next segment of Ask5: Insights in Organizational Psychology, where we delve into the fascinating field of organizational psychology. In this career conversation, I’ll be joined…

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Reason Respect Open Collaboration for a Sustainable World - April 29, 2024

April 29, 2024

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Ask5: The Impact of Social Impact with guest Kristi Hughes of the Empire Justice Center

Ask5: The Impact of Social Impact with guest Kristi Hughes of the Empire Justice Center. This segment explores career options for those passionate about justice and social impact, providing insights…

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Ask5 Non-profit Leadership: Leading with Heart with Maggie Hasslacher, '16

Bio: Martha (Maggie) Hasslacher comes to Gateway House of Peace with many years business and non-profit experience. Her mother passed peacefully at home under Hospice care, and she saw first-hand…

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Resources for Military Career Transition

Resources for Military Career Transitions Join us for a virtual panel presentation. Participants will learn about the tools and…

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Insight Minute Disability Inclusive Environments

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Ask5: Community Catalyst: Making an Impact in her Corner of the World with Alexis Gooding

Look around your corner of the world and see what needs to be done, then try to do something. That’s exactly what Empire State University alum, Alexis Gooding did in 2020. Find out about her…

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Community Organizing 101

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ABC's Bob Woodruff with Cpl. Jeff Landay

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Careers In Panel: The Value of Joining Professional Organizations

Careers In Series: Becoming Involved In Professional Organizations Tuesday, April 19, 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. Join Meeting: Click here to join the meeting One of the best ways to stay…

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Careers In Healthcare and Healthcare Management

Careers in Healthcare and Healthcare Management Monday, April 11, 2022, 6 – 7 p.m. Healthcare careers are among the largest growing fields in the US. According to the Bureau of…

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Careers In_ The Importance of Internships

Careers In Virtual Panel: The Value of Internships Tuesday, February 15, 2022, 6 – 7 p.m. Meeting Link: Click here to join the meeting Internships are a great way to gain career or…

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