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Blind Contour Line Drawing Lesson

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The Hidden Prejudice - Scientific American Frontiers

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MFA Phone Call

Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication using a phone number (Phone Call).

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Pro Horse Slaughter & Euthanasia.mp4

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Connecting with your SUNY Empire Team

Connecting with your SUNY Empire Team.

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How to Operationalize Skills

This video lecture is taken from another, advanced level Coursera course for working professionals, filmed in 2018. In the lecture, we describe the process of competitive selection. The text and…

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Solution 1-7(a) Piecewise-Defined Functions-Graphical Solution

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Solution 4-1(a) RiemannSum - GraphicalNumerical

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Accessibility, Accommodations and Technology Talk with Melissa Zgliczynski and Shaun Hoppel

Today's episode features a conversation with Melissa Zgliczynski, Director of Accessibility Resources and Services and Shaun Hoppel, Educational Technologist, about current accommodations and…

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College Council Meeting - May 4, 2016

College Council Meeting - May 4, 2016

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