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Syrian refugees after 5 years in Germany DW Documentary

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Dr. Anita Archer: Vocabulary Instruction

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11 Body Systems in 3 minutes

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Interactive Bitmoji Classroom Tutorial Google Classroom and SeeSaw

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Virtual Meeting Etiquette [DOS & DON'TS]

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Big Think Interview with Marion Nestle

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Community Conversation: Food Insecurity: Looking Beyond The Refrigerator

In this presentation, Dr. Himanee Gupta and Dr. Duncan RyanMann explore the root cause of food insecurity in our society and discuss opportunities for addressing this issue in our communities.…

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The Women of International Education

Since 1972, SUNY Empire has worked to make our degrees accessible to students all over the globe. What exactly is involved in making that possible, and who are the people who make it all happen?…

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Friends HD Thanksgiving Flashback- Monica and Rachel

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Through the Lens_ The Swan Dreams Project

Through the Lens: The Swan Dreams Project Alumna Arleen Thaler ‘16 will display her artistry as principal photographer for The Swan Dreams Project will discuss the importance of using…

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Jellies (Module 6)

Jellies (Module 6)

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Plankton Net (Module 3)

Plankton Net (Module 3)

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Plankton Net Analysis (Module 3)

Plankton Net Analysis (Module 3)

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Lobsters (Module 3)

Lobsters (Module 3)

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Creative Expressions: From Film and Photography to Found Objects Art - August 13, 2020

Creative Expressions: From Film and Photography to Found Objects Art Thursday, August 13, 20205-6 pm Alumnus Natural Langdon is an award winning director, writer, producer, and photographer,…

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Virtual Town Hall: Racial Justice

In light of the long history of racially motivated violence against people of color in this country, recently captured on video, and the movement for a more just society that we are now witnessing,…

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