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Reason & Respect Getting to Know the Black Male Initiative - February 16, 2024

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Ask5 Elevating Your Career Narrative with Randi Bender

Are you starting the year off with exploring career opportunities? If so, attend "Elevating Your Career Narrative," where my guest will guide you through the essentials of crafting…

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Ask5: Navigating the Career Hub with Anita DeCianni-Brown

Did you hear about Empire State University's new Career Hub—an innovative platform designed to redefine and elevate your career trajectory. Join us for a comprehensive overview of this…

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New Graduate Student Orientation January 11, 2024

New Graduate Student Orientation January 11, 2024

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Ask5: Community Catalyst: Making an Impact in her Corner of the World with Alexis Gooding

Look around your corner of the world and see what needs to be done, then try to do something. That’s exactly what Empire State University alum, Alexis Gooding did in 2020. Find out about her…

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Reason Respect Advancing Education Equity Serving Our HispanicsLatinX Students

October 5, 2023

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Ask5 with Catherine Roberts, Mastering Human Services Management

Mastering Human Services Management with guest Catherine Roberts, ‘16 President & CEO, Resource Council of WNY September 27, 12 p.m. Mastering Human…

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Ask5 Charting a Course to Service Leadership with guest Sarah Burns, ’21

Charting a Course to Service Leadership with guest Sarah Burns, ’21, Executive Director, Dake Foundation for Children September 22, 12 p.m. Charting a Course…

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Sharing Research and Student Work Through Empire State University Library-20230607

Presenter: Shannon PrittingThe Empire State University Library has an institutional repository and support services where faculty can post appropriate versions of publications. In addition, the…

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How the Library Can Support Instruction-20230607

Presenter: Sarah MorehouseSarah Morehouse, librarian, will discuss ways that the university library can support teaching and learning, including resources and services that faculty members can use,…

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Cyber Security Alphabet Soup-20230607

Presenters: Kali Zhan, Bryant Lawrence, Cathy Coffinger, Chris Falco, Chris Tayko, Nick Hardy, and Sam LitfinWe will discuss the hows and whys of cyber security at the personal level. We explain why…

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A Students Experience with Accessibility-20230606

Presenters: Rachel Sproule, and Melissa ZgliczynskiIn this session, we will share the experiences of a student with visual impairment and explore her experiences with interacting in Brightspace and…

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Albany Spring Commencement 2023

Albany Spring Commencement 2023

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Manhattan Spring 2023 Commencement

Manhattan Spring 2023 Commencement, May 26, New York City Center

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Viewing Tickets in the Client Portal

This video will explain how all users can view their submitted tickets in the teamdynamix client portal

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Submitting Service Requests using the Client Portal Student

This video will explain how students can submit service requests in the teamdynamix client portal

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