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Reason & Respect Mar. 15, 2021

Reason & Respect - Shirley Chisholm: Changing the Course of Women's History.

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Supporting Each Other, Outside of Work

Supporting Each Other, Outside of Work 3/8/21

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Reason & Respect Feb. 2, 2021

"Telling the Truth About Ourselves: Reflections on the Competing Visions of the 1619 Project and the 1776 Commission Report" Installment number six of the Reason and Respect Initiative…

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Reason & Respect Jan. 19, 2021

Reason and Respect Speaker Series #5 - 01-19-2021 Leadership that Looks like All of Us: How it Changes the Conversation and Moves Us Forward." This discussion will examine the historic…

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Shawn Edouard MBA Presentation

Shawn Edouard MBA Presentation

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