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Navigating Moodle for Students

This video will give you a basic introduction to the Moodle course system. We'll cover how to navigate around Moodle, submit an assignment, post in a discussion forum, take a quiz, and how to…

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01/15/21 - Frequently Asked Questions for Success in Moodle

The EdTechs will present answers to the top questions that we get each semester from faculty and students alike. We will be looking at proactive things you can check and setup in the assignment/quiz…

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Moodle tutorial for students: How to Edit Your Profile

This student oriented tutorial on Moodle covers how to edit your profile. For additional help fill in a ticket at

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Moodle Refresher for Students

Webinar on 05.13.2020

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Recording with Kaltura Capture

This video goes through recording with the Kaltura Capture Application to create desktop/laptop recordings.

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Student Moodle Webinar recording -

Thursday, February 27, 2020 ONLINE STUDENT MOODLE WEBINARPresented by The Department of Emerging and Educational Technologies Can’t make it to your nearest ESC location for some extra help…

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Moodle webinar for Students Friday, January 17, 2020 1.05.25 PM

Moodle webinar for Students

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Moodle webinar for Students - Thursday, January 16, 2020 5.06.03 PM

Moodle webinar for Students

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How do I find my moodle shells?? The list is too long!

This video will show you how to find your moodle shells in that long list.

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